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Reflection Papers Guidelines

The PPALS/Sanford collaboration is not a traditional conference, but a course of study that ultimately leads to certification of the PPALS curriculum. The PACT course is best thought of as an ongoing curriculum that does not end when everyone leaves Sioux Falls.

Participants of Track 2, Level 101 (Nonprofit) will be encouraged to complete a Reflection Paper. There is no Reflection Paper requirement for Level 200 participants. Participants who complete a Reflection Paper and return the following or another year for Level 200 classes can apply to serve as a mentor for Level 100 attendees. Participants are also encouraged to submit a Case Study for possible use in a future PACT course.

While a Reflection Paper is not required for completion of the course, participation in this aspect of the curriculum bestows an enhanced certification.

What is a Reflection Paper?

A Reflection Paper is a short synopsis on the PACT experience and how participants can apply what they have learned in their organizations. Reflection papers also help measure the effectiveness of the PPALS course. Participants are encouraged to reflect upon their experience in Sioux Falls.

Key points to remember about Reflection Papers are:

  • Participants can show how the course helped them.
  • Will allow participants to show how they applied (or plan to apply) what they learned to their organizations.
  • No more than three pages.

How does this work?

Participants should develop an idea for their Reflection Paper while attending the course. During the PACT, participants will pick a mentor who will approve their project idea and work with them to complete the project. Any PPALS faculty can potentially serve as a mentor if they agree to do so. A Reflection Paper can be a group effort and multiple attendees can work together to submit a project.

Steps to complete a Reflection Paper:

  • Create an idea for the project.
  • Pick a Mentor who will approve the idea.
  • Work with the Mentor to expand the project.
    • Participants should remain in touch with their Mentors post-PACT to work on this project.
  • Complete the project.
  • Independent Review
    • Projects are reviewed by an educational specialist unaffiliated with PPALS.

What is the time frame to complete this project?

PPALS requests that participants complete and submit their Reflection Paper within 12 months.

What happens next?

Participants retain ownership and copyright of their Reflection Paper and will determine what happens with the project going forward. A Reflection Paper can be shared with all PPALS alumni and faculty if so desired, either via email or within the monthly newsletter.