An important message from PPALS Board of Directors regarding the Sanford/PPALS Patient Advocacy Certificate Training (PACT) course. 
After several discussions, the PPALS Board of Directors decided it was best  for the Sanford/PPALS PACT course to take an additional gap year.  Exploring numerous ways to hold it online would have been challenging especially in trying to keep the essence of the course experience intact.  What we heard from those who have attended PACT is that it is the personal interactions and numerous conversations that occur throughout our time in Sioux Falls that makes it unique and very different from other educational gatherings.  We are now setting our sights on the hope that we can return to Sioux Falls, SD and the Sanford Research campus in 2022! 
In order to keep in touch with our colleagues, PPALS has instituted a webinar series on relevant topics that our patient advocacy colleagues discuss all the time.  Please be sure to sign up to receive notifications about upcoming webinars and other programs. 
Barbara, Jayne and Jean

Sanford/PPALS PACT course

Save the date for the Sanford/PPALS PACT course. Coming in May 2021


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Industry is beginning to recognize this role and the importance of a more integrated approach to Patient Advocacy. Professional Patient Advocates in Life Sciences (PPALS) is a non-profit organization committed to supporting the function of Patient Advocacy within the biotech and pharmaceutical industries. PPALS represents, supports and encourages individuals to achieve the goal of improving the lives of their respective patient communities.

Establishing a strategic Patient Advocacy function can help a company gain a deeper understanding of patients and their unmet medical needs.

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