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Patient Advocacy Certificate Training 2024

Greetings and Salutations!

Welcome to Sioux Falls! We are happy you can participate in the 2024 PPALS Patient Advocacy Certificate Training (PACT) course.

We are also happy you have decided to invest in yourself by attending this unique educational experience. PACT was created for individuals in patient advocacy in the life sciences, and for those interested in learning more about this rewarding career. PPALS strives to provide a nesting place where conversations and collaborations happen naturally, and where a free exchange of ideas is encouraged. The founders of PPALS foresaw that the course would serve as an excellent foundation on which to build and grow along this career path.

PPALS’ leadership also believes it is important to have leaders from patient advocacy organizations (PAOs) participate in the course. The lecture series for PAO leadership is designed to help these leaders grow and manage their organizations. The course also provides an opportunity to interact with people from biotech and pharmaceutical companies within a unique setting.

The PACT course has ‘limited seating,which ensures productive conversations and more meaningful and intimate engagement. Through deliberate design, there are no distractions from these interactions. PACT is a great place to just relax, join in a discussion, add a few people to your LinkedIn network, and even satisfy your curiosity about Sioux Falls! Please take full advantage of your time here. Be sure to complete the evaluations that you will receive after each lecture.

Most of all, have a good time; we do like having fun!

Take it easy,

Jean, Jayne, and Barbara

PS. If this is your first time at PACT and found it helpful, please consider coming back for the Intermediate Level and don’t forget to share PACT info with your colleag